Solutions for the Most Demanding Industries and Environments

Organizations worldwide rely on Diffusion Intelligent data Platform to power business-critical real-time applications and deliver game-changing innovations across a wide range of use cases and technological environments.

Industry Solutions


Top financial institutions including trading and retail banks, brokerages and research firms regard Diffusion as a critical investment for their businesses—relying on it to deliver superior customer experiences, high performance and significant cost savings.

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Diffusion is the odds-on favorite for leading casinos, sportsbooks and racing venues, for whom responsiveness and reliability are key. They demand microsecond reactions to fast-changing odds in-game from their applications. And Diffusion delivers.

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Keeping things on course for road, rail, marine and air transport, strains the legacy technology relied upon by transportation companies. They now look to event-driven architectures for answers. Diffusion provides solutions.

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In the eyes of customers, mobile and web apps are increasingly the face of companies’ brands—making application performance a major competitive differentiator. This makes event data the must-have fuel for this digital transformation. And Diffusion provides.

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“Our systems handle very high volumes of constantly changing data and we chose Diffusion to present this data to our customers at very low latency.”

Daniel Alheiros, Delivery Manager, Betfair

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Technology Solutions


Diffusion integrates with Kafka to provide the benefits of a well-integrated back-end data pipeline—plus, critical reliability, resilience, and high-performance front-end data delivery. Diffusion Kafka adapter makes this simple.

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Real-time Messaging

To handle the unique challenges and interactions of real-time data streaming at internet scale, applications need to efficiently manage, optimize, secure, and distribute live data, no matter the source. Diffusion provides that ability.

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The disruptive effect of IoT on the insurance industry reflects its transformative effect on many business models—especially the need to harness and integrate IoT data with the data in legacy systems. Diffusion delivers a complete solution.

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“Since plugging in Diffusion, sometimes we see prices update faster than the operator’s site, which is incredible. For our users, that creates the confidence and trust.”

Derren Maggs, Managing Director, Oddschecker

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