Diffusion Delivers the Benefits of Real-Time Messaging to Your Mission-Critical Applications

Easily enjoy the advantages of an intelligent data platform for managing and distributing live data. Use Diffusion to combine the benefits of traditional pub-sub solutions with the power of real-time, event-data applications.

Increase Revenue With Innovative New Applications

Event-based applications and real-time systems are fundamental to creating new business opportunities. But traditional streaming pipeline tools built on polling-based resources (REST, etc.) are incompatible with the demands of delivering live data. Diffusion solves this challenge—tying together both polling and event-based back ends to provide a signle, intelligent data platform for managing and distributing live data.

The result: Businesses create new revenue channels from pre-existing infrastructure while greatly simplifying development of innovative real-time applications.

Rapid development - Easy integration

Diffusion simplifies development. An intelligent data platform supports multiple data distribution mechanisms. Security and management layers are applied above all data flows. Plus, Diffusion provides out-of-the-box adapters to Kafka, JMS, and Apache Camel; adapters for REST and SQL; and SDKs for use cases involving proprietary systems.

The result is that development teams can focus on core business features, instead of low-level transport concerns—while their organizations reduce development costs, shorten time to market and quickly capitalize on existing or new data sources.

Easily meet the challenges of managing and distributing live data

See how organizations swiftly and securely integrate real-time applications into their operations.

Learn to Deliver Real-Time Solutions with Ease

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Integrate Data Sources with Pub-Sub

Paddy Walsh, Product Architect, discusses integrating and processing data with Pub-Sub using Gateway Framework.

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How to build a real-time messaging application with Diffusion Cloud

During this first Workshop, you will learn how to quickly and easily develop a simple real-time messaging application on Diffusion Cloud using JavaScript or the programming language of your choice. You will then add increasingly complex real-time capabilities to your application.

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Why Diffusion is Racing Post’s Odds-On Favorite for Real-Time Messaging

Racing Post is the go-to service for horse racing enthusiasts who want the latest information streamed to them online. See why they chose Diffusion to solve their live data delivery challenges.

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“A huge benefit of Diffusion is the efficient distribution of data to support real-time mobile apps and allow us to provide a seamless customer experience.”

Ed Braidwood
IT Operations Manager, Racing Post

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