Deliver Data in Real Time
at Internet Scale.
Diffusion®, the Intelligent Data Platform.

Reduce Operational Costs
Speed & Simplify Development
Hyper-Personalize Data

Value for Business

Diffusion Intelligently Manages Your Data

Diffusion securely consumes data from any source then provides a flexible model to organize and hyper-personalize granular data. Our real-time event broker with intelligent queuing and patented delta-streaming protocol can save you over 90% in bandwidth costs.

Why Diffusion

Manage and Deliver Business-Critical Data

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Speed Development

Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform: low-code features for faster time-to-market.

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Easy out-of-the-box integration. Or, lean on our real time experts to ramp up even faster.

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Modernize and innovate event-driven applications with intelligent real-time data delivery.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Remove cost and complexity of operation and data distribution for superior ROI.

“We saved 4-6 months of development time, eliminated weekly downtime and experienced 5X growth in our major client base.”

Steve O’Hare, Managing Director, Signal Centre

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value for Developers

Transform Real-Time Data: Fast, Granular and Nimble

Our intelligent platform uses delta streaming to send only the data that’s needed and delivers hyper-personalized experiences at Internet scale.

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Stream Data Ultra-Fast to and from any Platform

More than just a pipeline to the edge, Diffusion intelligently consumes data from any source, hyper-personalizes the data and distributes it to millions of concurrent consumers at Internet scale – all in real time.

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APIs for All Popular Languages

Enables simple integration with your data sources. See how our adapters quickly integrate any data stream using KAFKA, REST, MQTT and more.

Our Customers Love Diffusion

“A huge benefit is the intelligent distribution of data to support real-time mobile apps.”

Ed Braidwood, IT Operations Manager, Racing Post

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Diffusion Delivers.

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