About Us

DiffusionData’s vision is to create a platform that makes it easy and efficient to develop and operate real-time applications. We help businesses worldwide bring mission-critical, real-time applications to market quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Our Mission:

Connect companies and their customers via real-time data that maximizes value from services and relationships.

In response to market opportunity businesses in virtually every sector—from financial services, transportation and energy to retail, healthcare and gaming—seek to develop real-time applications. The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform makes those applications efficient and cost-effective in production.

Diffusion’s low-code features include everything you need to consume, enrich, and deliver event-data with secure and powerful SDKs in all popular programming languages. And we promote and support the use of open protocols and interfaces with Diffusion.

Our Commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance Standards

We believe that in rethinking the future direction of real-time technology and communications we must also consider the future of the environments we live and work in—and act accordingly. Therefore, at DiffusionData we begin with a strong internal dedication to ESG practices and conduct; then extend the principles we apply internally to our technological innovations, and relationships with vendors, customers and community.

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ESG is a team sport – everyone is involved.
DiffusionData’s chairman, John Pocock, raising £100k for the Honeypot Children’s Charity: Dad and son on ‘end to end’ ride for children’s charity



Our commitment to the future begins with the way we use resources within our company and extends to the impact our solutions have on our environment. We leverage energy-saving solutions within DiffusionData and ensure our products and services help customers minimize their carbon footprints.


We are dedicated to ensuring diversity in our workplace, protecting the rights and privacy of our employees and clients, and to furthering the goals of the community we operate in.


DiffusionData is dedicated to ethical business practices, fair and equitable compensation, maintaining diversified staff and management teams and promoting policies that support human rights.

Realizing the Needs of Business and the Potential of Technology

The world’s most powerful technology won’t do you any good unless it’s easy to use and reflects the needs of its users. So our international team of business and technology experts works closely with customers to understand their needs and business imperatives. Our success reflects that we have pioneered technology solutions to solve real-world business challenges for our customers.

Meet the Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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Business Development Director, EMEA

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Engineering Technology Officer

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Board of Directors

John Pocock

Executive Chairman

Grethe Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Neil Seymour

Chief Operating Officer

Our Offices

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+1 (844) 449-DATA (3282)

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1484 Pollard Road, Suite 564
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+44 (0) 20 3588 0900

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Reading Business Centre
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