What Makes Diffusion So Powerful?

Head of Pre & Post Sales Engineering Dave Carson explains the power Diffusion has to enable your business to grow.

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Diffusion features

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Data Consumption

Securely consumes data from any source whether it is legacy, or recently updated in real time as generated by consumer activity.

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Data Transformation

Unique Topic Trees enable low-code filtering and enhancement of data on-the-fly. Up to 1 million user-configurable topics. Easy real-time modification.

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Data Delivery

Platform-proprietary delta streaming sends only the most recently updated data to millions of consumers in real time while reducing bandwidth and latency.

What You’re Missing Without Diffusion

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More Efficiency

90% less bandwidth usage, infrastructure and maintenance requirements

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Higher Productivity

40% reduction in development time brings more apps to market, faster

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Greater Revenue

Modernizing legacy systems lessens the need to replace them—while yielding 20-30% revenue growth

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Satisfied Customers

Massively scalable to millions of topics and concurrent connections, Diffusion delivers hyper personalized data at internet scale

The Value of the Diffusion Data Distribution Framework

Explore how Diffusion delivers faster time to market, lower TCO, high ROI, improved performance, greater reliability and tighter security.

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The Diffusion Framework provides low-code features that enable faster time-to-market.

  • WebSocket based SDKs in all popular programming languages
  • Low-code features to simplify coding efforts to organize data
  • Easy integration with any data sources with pre-built adapters
  • Choice of communication methods – Pub-Sub, Req-Resp, Event History
  • REST API, Open-Protocols and Adapters to integrate legacy Apps
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Turbo-charge real-time applications with seamless scalability to offer differentiated services

  • Turbo-charge real-time applications with seamless scalability to offer differentiated services
  • Seamless horizontal scalability of services – Data, Connections, Topics
  • Efficient data delivery, flow-control and session management
  • Low latency and reduced bandwidth requirements
  • Support for millions of connections and event-data topics
  • Efficient global replication of data with hybrid deployment
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Remove cost and complexity of operation and data distribution for superior ROI

  • Reduction in software development cost – both resources and time
  • Over 90% savings in bandwidth costs with delta-streaming
  • Delegate complex functions to the Platform to simplify application
  • Completely data agnostic – stream text, JSON or binary data
  • Adaptive flow-control to optimize cost and maintain connectivity
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Flexible organization and transformation of event data to improve efficiency and compliance

  • Organize data to suit subscription patterns using hierarchical topic tree.
  • Variety ways to transform data using Domain Specific Language (Low-Code)
  • Disaggregate and filter JSON values in-flight for fine grained control of data
  • Service resilience and data playback through reliable disk-based persistence
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Fine-grained security and access controls applied in real-time and at scale

  • Role-based access control over data at any level of granularity of data
  • Personalization and Isolation of data in the hierarchical topic tree
  • Out-of-box support for TLS 1.3
  • Automated rules (e.g. TTL) to control availability and access to data
  • Flexible authentication policies via OAuth, JWT or custom policies

Diffusion Delivers the Competitive Advantage

Competitive matrix

Driving Real-Time Trading for GRATISBROKER

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Munich, GRATISBROKER, offers free trading of more than 3,600 stocks, around 180 ETFs and over 2,100 funds.

To provide live, event-driven information in real-time to many thousands of customers online, the GRATISBROKER platform is built on Diffusion. Now, the trading platform provides high quality-of-service along with the scalability to meet demand peaks.

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“We have set-up a completely cloud-based infrastructure and we can develop, test, and go into production with Diffusion Cloud for free – a huge benefit for a young company.”

Philipp Roeben Co-Founder & CIO, GRATISBROKER