Transportation firms are challenged by the vast quantities of data that have to be managed in support of their operations and their customers. So, many organizations look to Diffusion for event-driven application that enhance customer engagement, reduce supply chain management costs and improve operational efficiency. Delivering superior real-time data, such applications include fleet management, logistics, resource scheduling, asset tracking, service event management and more.


To ensure their Ocean Guardian system achieved efficient and reliable delivery of critical real-time environmental data, Brenock chose Diffusion.

Brenock’s Total Marine Solutions Ocean Guardian software manages environmental compliance for shipping operators. Ocean Guardian tracks GPS location, international regulatory data and port proximity data in real time to ensure compliance with local regulations. Diffusion gathers all the data and distributes the pertinent information to the shipboard devices when they connect. The Diffusion platform sends only data changes as a ship’s GPS location changes – optimizing operating efficiency and system reliability while minimizing bandwidth usage.

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“Diffusion has unique features including only sending message deltas and compressing messages. This maximizes efficiency.”

Ben Rogers
CTO, Brenock


Diffusion helps airlines to enhance customers' experiences, streamline operations, drive top-line profit, and reduce bottom-line cost.

The deluge of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the future of airlines—who must deliver connected mobile experiences to stay competitive, while utilizing IoT data to trigger preventative maintenance and manage supply chains. Diffusion helps. It enables airlines to easily create real-time apps that deliver personalized customer experiences. And to develop event-driven applications that consume, enrich and deliver the data exchanged among applications, devices and sensors—giving operators the information they need to reduce costs and streamline operations.

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“The Internet of Things will enable a truly connected airline to be a smart airline, deliver exceptional customer services and win in the marketplace.”

Pranay Das
Sabre Airline Solutions

“Ask anyone on our development team, and they will tell you that we made the right choice using Diffusion. The performance is great. Error handling and connection monitoring allows us to reconnect to the server reliably.”

Ben Rogers, CTO, Brenock

Read the Use Case : Brenock

Moving Real-Time Transportation Data with Diffusion


Shipping applications use the Diffusion platform to protect the world's oceans.

Read Use Case : Brenock
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