The days when mission-critical applications were developed for monolithic, centralized databases are almost gone. Data is now distributed. It’s most valuable when fresh. As such, it must be integrated in real time. Which demands agile, responsive applications. And Diffusion delivers them fast, to ensure an easy transition to event-driven solutions that fuel the delivery of real-time data to and from businesses and their consumers.

Now developers have the ability to create apps that intelligently digest streamed information, manipulate and augment it, then disseminate hyper personalized data with low latency to millions of concurrent users.

Transforming Business with Real-Time Technology

Ganchrow Scientific uses Diffusion Cloud to assure efficient delivery of time critical game betting odds, statistics, and wagers reliably—and in real-time.

Ganchrow Scientific is the only eGaming company to integrate intelligent line management with a play-facing front end. After downloading and testing a free trial of Diffusion Cloud they chose it to power Ganchrow Live and Ganchrow Pre-match—and to integrate with 3rd party sports and betting data providers. In their first month, Ganchrow processed 5.5 billion messages through Diffusion Cloud – without a hitch.

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“The Diffusion platform greatly improves our data distribution efficiency and application performance. We benefit from reduced network payload due to Diffusion's state-of-the-art data optimization & distribution technology”

Brian Alonso
Senior Software Engineer, Ganchrow Scientific

“The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform reduces both complexity and development time. It provides a common gateway into our clients’ micro services via a single API to consume and transform event data. It also manages fan-out, scaling, and high availability of event data delivery for the large global systems we build.”

David Bull, Director, Baker Technology

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Customer Success Stories

Expanding Performance Boundaries with Diffusion


Ganchrow Scientific switched from polling to the Diffusion Cloud Intelligent Event-Data Platform—improving application performance and reducing ISP costs by 73%.

Read Use Case : Ganchrow Scientific

Baker Technology builds bespoke trading applications for global investment banks. See how they use Diffusion to consume, enrich, and deliver event data to their Internet trading platforms.

Read Use Case : Baker Technology
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