Expand the Benefits of Kafka

Efficiently and securely extend Kafka solutions over the Internet with Diffusion. With the Diffusion Kafka Adapter, streaming real-time data to millions of end-user applications is simple and straightforward, and managing high data volumes is easily achieved.

Harness Kafka’s Powerful Data Handling Capabilities

Kafka has proven capability for high-throughput data handling within the data center. However, its powerful backend capabilities can’t meet the challenges of edge networks and the need to deal with hundreds of thousands of topics and concurrent connections in real-time. The Diffusion Kafka Adapter easily handles these challenges—while slashing excess data that can accompany hyper-personalized real-time data streams.

Purpose-built to handle millions of unique topics

Diffusion exponentially scales Kafka performance by providing the ability to handle millions of topics and concurrent connections. It scales data independently from consumers—removing the overhead of scaling real-time data on the consumer-side. Plus, in-flight transformation rules allow event data to be disaggregated or remapped, enabling intelligent distribution of data based upon individual consumer needs.

Easily address the challenges of managing Kafka

See how organizations securely and efficiently integrate Kafka into their operations as they build out highly scalable, real-time applications.

Learn to Enhance Kafka Performance

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Enhanced Event-Data Delivery

Join Mike Eisterer, Senior Solution Engineer, as he discusses how to enhance event-data delivery with Kafka and Diffusion.

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Dynamic Hyper-Personalization

Hear head of Field Architecture Dave Carson discuss dynamic personalization of financial data streams.

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Extending Kafka for Internet Scale Distribution of Data

Join our hands-on webinar to learn how to extend Kafka for internet scale distribution of event data using Diffusion®.

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How to solve Kafka data firehose challenge.

Join our hands-on webinar to quickly learn to use Diffusion Cloud to solve Kafka data firehose challenges. Experience the power of Diffusion for distributing fine-grained foreign exchange data stream to consumers/recipients.

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Diffusion Chosen for Integration with Business-Critical Kafka Brokers

Innova, a global provider of solutions to the finance and healthcare industries, chose Diffusion to expand the capabilities of their Kafka-based real-time applications. See why!

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“Diffusion is a robust solution for our customers. For our clients, Diffusion will deliver real-time intelligence and control at the network edge.”

Rajkumar Velagapudi
President, Innova Solutions

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