Fueling Digital Transformation with IoT

The Internet-of-Things drives business models from reactive to proactive. To achieve this, Diffusion supports the development of real-time applications that integrate IoT and legacy system data.

Example: IoT Shifts Insurance Models from Reactive to Preventative

The Internet of Things offers insurers the ability to reduce cost and exposure to risk through proactive monitoring and assessment. By using new sources of real-time data, insurers can assume preventative rather than reactive models. Plus, the potential benefits are amplified when insurers integrate their internal historical data with their external IoT data.

When the result is realized in real-time event-data applications, insurers immediately have the information needed to alert customers of potential loss before it occurs.

Diffusion: A single unified solution for integrating IoT data

Diffusion provides a unified platform for managing and distributing live data, and for integrating that data with insurance firms’ historical information. Speeding application delivery, Diffusion handles all forms of data including binary, JASON, etc. And it provides out-of-the-box adapters to Kafka, JMS, and Apache Camel; adapters for REST and SQL; and SDKs for use cases involving proprietary systems.

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