Will the FIFA World Cup be record-breaking for sportsbooks?

With the FIFA World Cup starting this week the world of sportsbooks looks set to break previously set records. Betsson has reported that due to the early start of the European football leagues they have recorded back-to-back best-ever quarters so far this year. The World Cup looks set to propel sportsbooks past previously set records.  

How has Diffusion helped Betsson achieve these results?  

Betsson uses Diffusion’s Intelligent Data Platform, to provide real-time betting odds, across a wide range of sporting events, to many geographic markets. For Betsson, the deployment delivers network efficiencies and reduces infrastructure costs, while simplifying sportsbook application development. 

Scalability and assured real-time application performance are crucial to Betsson Group, as they not only support multiple brands within the organization but also deliver gaming technology solutions to other brands around the globe. Therefore, when looking for a real-time cloud-based solution to meet rigorous eGaming requirements, Betsson had several key considerations: the efficiency and cost of delivering betting odds to customers; the ability to replicate sportsbook data globally in real-time; the proficient management of network load; and the capacity to scale to meet high volume customer demand.   

Fredrik Ogden, Director of Cloud and DevOps at Betsson Group, explains why they chose Diffusion to meet these requirements: “Diffusion gives us the real-time data delivery capability we require to successfully compete globally. Diffusion’s data efficiency and delta streaming technology allow us to update our sportsbook in real-time to a high volume of customers worldwide. The platform can also be used to enhance future operations.”  

Ogden continued: “With Diffusion, we have the agility to commission the infrastructure necessary to expand our own branded products and to provide our technology platform to other brands.” 

Fabio Palusci, Head of Procurement at Betsson Group, concluded: “DiffusionData has a business-friendly approach that accommodates our scalable cloud platforms and allows us to provide an immersive and highly competitive gaming experience to our customers around the world.” 

How can Diffusion help streamline my sportsbook?

Diffusion can consume any data source and transform it in real-time into a comprehensive data structure on the fly using our data-wrangling capabilities. This means you can send the relevant data to millions of people in milliseconds. This reduces the bandwidth, infrastructure, and processing time with minimum latency and lets you build a sportsbook very quickly.

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