Simplifying Real-time Data with Diffusion

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By Riaz Mohammed, CTO DiffusionData

Today’s enterprises need access to real-time data and insights for operational efficiency and more importantly to be competitive. Businesses are focused on information management for distributed data sources such that they can provide best in class user experience to customers through frictionless access to information across the enterprise. Big corporations and small businesses alike experience the challenges of dealing with constantly expanding and evolving data sources and the complex systems around them, while driving revenue from existing data. As event-based applications and real-time systems become fundamental to new business opportunities, there is a clear need and challenge yet to be addressed.

The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform provides the ability to manage, optimize, secure, and distribute live data, no matter the source. Diffusion combines key capabilities such as pub-sub, REST, caching, time-series, inflight data wrangling and hyper-personalized internet scale edge messaging all in a single platform. This helps to remove the traditional constraints of data management, allowing businesses to create new revenue channels from pre-existing infrastructure while greatly simplifying development of new and innovative applications.

With Diffusion, businesses can complement and extend existing APIs, building more sophisticated real-time features on top of existing infrastructure, saving time, complexity, and cost. In addition, Diffusion provides a host of adapters to integrate with technologies like Kafka, Rest, Redis, JMS, JDBC etc., along with SDKs for several programming languages including Java, C#, Android, iOS and more.


So, what are the different ways businesses can use Diffusion?


  • As pub-sub platform which can easily propagate data in real time to applications across the business.
  • Deliver personalized data in real time to customer channels (mobile apps, desktops etc.) and third parties at Internet scale. Diffusion can manage 1000s of hyper-personalized edge communication sessions simultaneously.
  • Deliver real time as well as time-series data to analytics application at blistering speed. For example: Fast data repository for Risk or Price calculations.
  • Use advanced data compression techniques of Diffusion including delta compression to save up to 90% of bandwidth usage in comparison to traditional messaging platforms.
  • As a reliable data platform to aid initiatives such as Digital Transformation and cloud migration.

In response to market demand driven from industry convergence, customer expectations etc., businesses in virtually every sector — from financial services, transportation, and energy to retail, healthcare and gaming — seek to develop real-time applications. We aim to make those applications efficient and cost-effective in production. And with the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform that goal is being realized the world-over. The Diffusion Platform includes everything you need to consume, enrich, and deliver event-data at internet scale across on-prem, hybrid cloud and multi cloud with support for most technologies. This helps to future proof platforms from every increasing demands along with keeping low TCO.