Customer Stories

Baker Technology


Baker Technology builds bespoke trading applications for global investment banks. See how they use Diffusion to consume, enrich, and deliver event data to their Internet trading platforms.

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Brenock creates applications for the shipping industry. See why they rely on Diffusion to power the delivery of critical real-time environmental data for their Ocean Guardian monitoring and compliance system.

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888 Holdings


888 Holdings is one of the world’s most popular online gaming entertainment and solutions providers. Discover how Diffusion guarantees that all their bingo players receive information concurrently in real time.

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When sports eGaming company, Sportingbet, wanted to offer their customers an enhanced online gaming experience, and reduce the company’s operational & infrastructure costs, they turned to Push Technologies Diffusion Event-Driven Platform.

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Multinational entertainment company, Betsson Group, chose the Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform to meet their rigorous requirements to unburden their back-end infrastructure and assure that their gaming customers always receive their odds, place their bets, and receive their winnings, in real-time.

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Racing Post


Racing Post relies on Diffusion™️ to distribute real-time betting prices and power its chart-topping mobile applications. Using Diffusion in a hybrid private cloud configuration to match their business requirements allows the company flexible ease of scale and assured real-time delivery of betting prices.

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Successful betting exchange customers require access to information in real-time. Betfair’s polling implementation was not up to the task of delivering live data at high scale. The company chose the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform to deliver live score and pricing information, in real time, to their customers.

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The founders of GRATISBROKER, one of the first, free, online German trading platforms, had to assure that their platform could reliably deliver trade data and securely process trades in real time to hundreds of thousands of customers. Familiar with the power of Diffusion, from their former work in banking, they chose Diffusion Cloud to handle their real-time data requirements.

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Ganchrow Scientific


eGaming platform development company, Ganchrow Scientific, faced infrastructure barriers typical of many Latin American companies who require reliable Internet connectivity and top- notch technical talent to power their business success. Ganchrow adopted the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform to address their location challenges and assure efficient, cost-effective delivery of time critical game betting odds, statistics, and wagers - reliably, in real-time, 24x7x365.

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When German digital retail bank, Consorsbank, a BNP Paribas owned subsidiary, needed to enable its current account customers the ability to trade and bank in real-time via a single mobile application, they chose the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform.

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Tradition is the interdealer broking arm of Compagnie Financière Tradition, one of the world's largest interdealer brokers...

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Sports Predictor


Sports Predictor was developing a mobile application to give bettors the opportunity to follow and bet with professional gamblers. The application required reliable, secure, highly scalable, real-time betting data management and delivery. The company selected the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform to manage real-time communications for their application.

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Oddschecker required high volume scalability for both user connectivity and data delivery during peak sporting events. They also had to reduce the load on their back-end database in order to assure excellent quality of service. They chose the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform to handle the job.

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Signal Centre


Signal Centre needed to assure fast, reliable delivery of their Signal Centre Trading Platform research & analysis data to a high volume of traders worldwide and around-the- clock. Their team encountered development challenges until they selected the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform to address their challenges and fulfill their requirements.

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