Graduate Support Specialist

Push Technology ( is trusted by leading brands worldwide to manage and optimize delivery of data around the world to their web, mobile, and IoT application data. Diffusion does the complex work to provide real-time data – reliably, globally, and at scale and speed.

We develop and reward people who have the drive and motivation to make a significant contribution to the continued growth of our business. We hope to provide a culture of accountability, challenge and opportunity and encourage a spirit of collaborative, creative and fresh thinking. We want everyone to contribute and add value by turning their own skills, strengths, and interests into results.

We strive to be a place that people want to work and want to work hard. With great benefits and an already impressive international team of Technology experts, we want to bring on new team members that have passion, drive, innovation, and leadership, just like our products.


Diffusion is an innovative real-time data platform. Following a recent £10M investment round, the Diffusion development team is growing and there is a wealth of new feature development on the road map.

We are looking for a competent Application Support Specialist to provide timely and effective technical assistance to customers of our Diffusion product and services. The goal is to create value for clients that will help grow the company’s reputation and customer base. The right candidate will be able to provide the best quality customer experience for every person interacting with Push Technology.

The primary duty of the role is responding to user queries and help requests, which can arrive by email, through the IT help desk tools, or over the phone. The Application Support Specialist gathers information related to incidents or issues, then determines the root cause of the problem and devises solutions to resolve the user’s issue. They also manage the flow of incoming support requests and escalate issues to responsible Engineering teams. These escalations usually include notes related to the problem, records of unsuccessful solutions, and any data they have gathered related to the user’s problem. They will also be responsible for responding to, documenting, and resolving service tickets in a timely manner according to SLAs and internal targets.

You will become an expert in our systems and, as an Application Support Specialist, you will also perform root cause analysis, develop checklists for typical problems, and recommend procedures and controls for issue mitigation. This position will support external software developers and development teams creating their own products for servers, browsers, mobile apps, and the Internet-of-things (IoT). An excellent Application Support Specialist must have good technical knowledge and be able to communicate effectively to understand the problem and explain its solution. They must also be customer-oriented and patient to deal with complex customer issues.

If you have the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm, we will provide a mixture of self-driven and on-the-job training as well as a career mentor to give you the support to succeed and grow.


  • Respond to L1 and L2 customer enquiries by email, helpdesk, and phone
  • Assess each customer’s technical knowledge level and support them to gain access to our products and services, or resolve issues they may have with them
  • Problem solve in partnership with the customer by acting as the Diffusion subject matter expert
  • Direct customers the correct documentation, Diffusion software features, or subject matter experts to help them further
  • Help debug issues by examining server logs and error reports
  • Escalate any more complex technical issues to the correct technical team whilst continuing to manage that customer relationship
  • Collect feedback on our products and services from our customers
  • Administer users, accounts, and licences
  • Proactively improve our support service to ensure greater levels of customer satisfaction
  • Operate & monitor our distributed production SaaS environment during on-call schedule
  • Pro-actively manage & report on system health and performance (with a focus on identifying symptoms, not outages)
  • Develop & own the processes for incident handling, reporting, and post-mortem activities
  • Work with Engineering, Support and Field teams to improve & innovate on our platform's reliability, service quality, and customer experiences ​


Essential Requirements

  • A “customer first” approach to delivering high quality service is essential. Application Support Specialists are public faces of our company.
  • Ability to grasp the technical issues that developers may be having with our products and services is required. We will provide training on our specific tools, but a tech-savvy mindset is essential.

Required Skills

  • Customer-oriented, patient, with strong customer service skills
  • Any object-oriented language knowledge (with Java being most preferred).
  • Strong independent worker, who is tech-savvy, with working knowledge of office automation products, databases, and remote desktop support
  • Team player who works well under pressure
  • Good understanding of computer systems, mobile devices, and other technical products
  • Analytical skills to diagnose and resolve basic technical issues
  • Excellent communication skills with a proficiency in English both spoken and written
  • Pro-active approach to identifying potential problems and advocating for pragmatic solutions
  • Ability to program with one or more high-level languages (e.g. Python, Java, Javascript, .Net)
  • Customer-first mindset for running operational processes and communications
  • Understand the value of documentation (and better yet: automation) for every operational process
  • Be a curious, enthusiastic thinker; when you see something broken, you can’t help but fix it

Nice to Haves

In addition to the above it would be advantageous for candidates to have some knowledge of the following:

  • Familiarity with IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, etc)
  • Experience with version control systems
  • Previous work with client/server technologies
  • Network protocol knowledge (TCP/IP, HTTP, Websockets)
  • Familiarity with Linux and Linux-based tools
  • Familiarity with network monitoring tools (Wireshark, tcpdump, etc)
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