Byte Based Billing: Pricing to Disrupt the Realtime Market

With the release of Diffusion Cloud, Push Technology has introduced byte based billing. Data delivered to Diffusion Cloud for publication and the data published on to end user apps are charged at a flat rate of $1.99 per GB. This approach better suits our customers needs.

With byte-based billing, our customers will truly pay for only what they use in terms of both the capability of the Diffusion Cloud instance they need and the data they use. Even better, with the new JSON Topics included with this release of Diffusion Cloud, the data sent to the apps is highly optimized, only the data that changes is sent at the binary level. For more information of the new JSON topics, please see our docs.

When compared to a message based billing, byte-based billing is not only fairer, but avoids the latency issues associated with the most common method of optimizing costs on message-based billing messaging platforms: message stuffing. With message stuffing, a publishing application builds large messages for sets of small messages before sending them to the realtime messaging platform. Even though this approach saves money, it does mean that data is not received at the app as it changes but rather at some later point in time once the larger message has been sent, potentially seconds later. This delay in transmission of messages, message latency, results in poorer responsiveness within the app. In addition to the latency introduced by message stuffing, it introduces complexity at the publication side. As each end client may be interested in different sets of data, different topics in the Push world, the publisher will have to stuff messages on a client by client or topics by topic basis.

Finally, a clear and fair billing model frees the architecture and developer from having to consider the cost of data when building the solution. They can concentrate on writing a great app.

Diffusion Cloud from Push Technology is available on multiple cloud platforms.

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